LG Optimus 3D outed ahead of MWC 2011 debut

Having promised a 3D-capable smartphone sooner rather than later, LG's MWC 2011 surprise has been prematurely spoiled by a Dutch cellphone retailer. The Phone House – the local arm of Carphone Warehouse – has a new coming-soon page for the LG Optimus 3D, though as All About Phones points out they're also using a shot of the existing Optimus One.

Still, the name – which is somewhat unimaginative, but at least tells us what the smartphone's key selling point will be – does confirm that a 3D-capable handset is on the way in Europe at least. We're guessing LG is using the same sort of autostereoscopic panel as on the Nintendo 3DS, which would obviously mean no special 3D glasses were required.

Android seems the likely OS, but beyond that specifications are unknown. The real question is whether the LG Optimus 3D will prompt the same headaches some 3DS users have complained of, and which could put a serious dampener on enthusiasm for 3D on the go.

[via Android Community]