LG Optimus 2X (aka Korea's LG Star) gets video demos

What appears to be the Korean equivalent of the LG Star has been given the official nod, with an LG Korea press release confirming that the LG Optimus 2X SU660 will launch in the country within the next few months. Details on the handset are scant – the release itself was mainly concerned with new Ennio Morricone media being preloaded onto certain LG phones – but we're assuming the Optimus 2X will have the same Tegra 2 processor as its leaked US sibling.Phandroid dug around using the Optimus 2X name, and pulled up some Korean videos of a pre-release handset showing off its skills. YouTube user zinna0000 is building up quite a collection of footage, confirming the Optimus 2X also has an HDMI output.

The Optimus 2X/Star is also pitted against the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S, and produces some decent benchmarking results – as we'd expect, given the Tegra 2 CPU – so we're quietly hopeful for LG's smartphone push for 2011. No word yet on when the US or European Star versions will be officially announced or released, but we're guessing it'll be pretty much in accord with the early-2011 timescale LG Korea appears to be operating on.

LG Optimus 2X vs Galaxy S vs iPhone 4:

LG Optimus 2X HDMI output:

LG Optimus 2X vs Galaxy S benchmarks:

[via Android Community]