LG Music Flow Wi-Fi Series lineup unveiled ahead of CES

LG is set to debut its new Music Flow Wi-Fi Series music devices next month at CES. Among the product lineup are a couple sound bars, a wireless speaker, and a 3D streaming Blu-ray player. Each device can be mixed up with other devices or used on its own, and the maker has taken some steps to make them convenient for mobile users, including being able to continue streaming to the speaker from a smartphone even if a call comes in.

The Music Flow lineup is composed of the Wi-Fi Sound Bars model HS7 and model HS9, the Streaming 3D Blu-ray player model BP550, and the Wi-Fi Speaker model H4 Portable. Both iOS and Android mobile devices can be used to stream to the speakers.

The devices can be connected with each other and include dual-band WiFi, and there is support for music streaming services like Napster, Spotify, TuneIn, and Deezer. The Wi-Fi Speaker features an internal battery, making it portable, something LG says is a first for the company.

The two sound bars, meanwhile, are each said to have their own musical upsides: the HS9 is promised to bring the "deep acoustics", while the HS7 streams high-definition audio seamlessly. There are some convenience aspects wrapped up into it all, including the ability to start automatically playing audio when a smartphone comes within a foot of the wireless speaker. There's also LG HomeChat for using LINE to control the devices.