LG Magic Motion Remote Control revealed

This week LG has revealed that they'll be releasing a Magic Motion Remote Control inside the first quarter of 2012, one that'll work perfectly with your future 3D Smart TV also from LG. You'll see instantly how enjoyable the controller itself is to use once you lay your eyes on the image of the lovely whispering lady holding it here in the post. Of course she's not doing that for nothing: the controller is able to work with traditional pointing, voice recognition, magic wheel, and magic gestures, all of them for ultimate channel changing power!

You'll be able to work with the brand new voice recognition system to bring you in to simple changing of channels and functions, primarily used in demos to search for programs you may want to watch on your big screen TV. Once you find what you want, you can use the device's wheel to select your favorite program and hit play. If you'd on the other hand just like to find your recently viewed videos, you'll be able to use magic motion gestures to get to this by simply making the letter "V." Then of course there's the 3D button that comes specifically with the 3D version of the device, blowing your mind instantly at a tap.

And all of this in a controller that does not have the same 10 billion button selections that past universal controllers did. This is a new age in devices, ladies and gentlemen, and LG is right on the tip with this controller and its less than 10 physical keys. Get ready to control your media experience with a wave of the wand.

[via LG]