LG LW6500 promises flicker-free CINEMA 3D TV video

Chris Davies - Dec 29, 2010
LG LW6500 promises flicker-free CINEMA 3D TV video

LG has pre-announced its newest 3D TV, the LG LW6500, and the company is promising flicker-free enjoyment since the display uses a passive 3D system. Rather than active shutter glasses, LG’s CINEMA 3D TV tech uses polarized glasses which filter the left and right eye images passively. It also means you get a high refresh rate, using LG’s TruMotion 200Hz tech.

There’s also support for 2D TV, of course, along with 2D to 3D picture conversion. Connectivity includes HDMI 1.4 and USB 2.0, and the set is WiFi-ready and supports DLNA streaming together with DivX HD playback. The panel itself uses LED backlighting and local dimming, and has adjustable depth and viewpoint control.

LG’s CINEMA 3D TV glasses, meanwhile, are much cheaper than active shutter glasses (which other models in its 3D range will still use) and the company throws four pairs into the box with the LW6500. They also require no recharging or synchronizing with the TV. No word on pricing for the LG LW6500, but it’ll hit retail “soon after” CES 2011 next week.

Press Release:

LG brings 3D theater to CES 2011 with CINEMA 3D TV

With Flicker-Free Picture, Blur-Free Images and Comfortable Glasses,
LW6500 Makes 3D More Enjoyable for Watching with Family and Friends

SEOUL, Dec. 29, 2010 — At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, LG Electronics (LG) will unveil the LW6500, a CINEMA 3DTM TV designed to take 3D TV to new heights of brightness and clarity.

“With the introduction of our innovative CINEMA 3DTM TV, LG is setting another standard for 3D entertainment,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. “For consumers who want to enjoy cinema-quality 3D at home with their family and friends, LG is now making that possible.”

Because LG’s CINEMA 3DTM technology does not require shutter glasses, images displayed on the LW6500 are entirely free of flicker. This innovation resulted in the LW6500 receiving a “Flicker Free” certification from Intertek and TÜV, two of the most respected inspection and certification bodies in the world. The LW6500 is the first 3D TV in the world to receive this designation.

The LW6500’s flicker-free images make 3D viewing more comfortable and far less likely to induce eye fatigue. Tipping the scales at just 16 grams, the included 3D glasses have no electrical parts and are free of electromagnetic waves and never need to be recharged. The glasses do not need to be synchronized so viewers can watch the LW6500’s screen from any angle. And because the glasses are far less expensive than shutter glasses, viewers can buy as many pairs as they need for family and friends.

The LW6500 also improves picture quality with 3D Light Boost, a thin film covering the screen that ensures 3D images are shown at maximum brightness. The LW6500 boasts all the advantages of LG’s Smart TV technology including access to LG Apps and a range of premium content via HuluPlusTM, YouTubeTM and many others.

The LW6500 will be rolled-out in select markets soon after its introduction at CES.

Smart TV
3D Light Boost
Flicker-Free (Intertek / TÜV certification)
LED Plus
Local Dimming
TruMotion 200Hz
Wide Viewing Angle
2D to 3D conversion
Depth/Viewpoint Control
USB 2.0
DLNA/WiFi/DVR ready
DivX Plus/HD
HDMI 1.4
Smart Energy Saving

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