LG LH90 240Hz LED-backlit HDTVs get priced

LG are looking to capitalize on their Q1 2009 successes with the TruMotion 240Hz LH90 HDTV series.  Now with official Korean pricing announced, the LH90 series will be available in 42, 47 and 55-inch sizes, each with that headline-grabbing 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

There's also THX certification and a USB port that can not only be used to display photos and music from attached storage but also DivX video files.  An ambient light sensor can save energy use by more than 70-percent by adjusting backlighting to suit the room, and there are integrated "hidden" speakers.

Korean pricing for the LH90 range starts at the equivalent of $2,449 for the 42-inch model, rising to $3,116 for the 47-inch model, and topping out at $4,749 for the largest 55-inch HDTV.  No word on when we can see an international release, though LG confirm the LH90 range will be available outside of Korea.

Press Release (translated):

LG Electronics, Korea's first 240 Hertz (Hz) LED TV

Release 2009/04/22

■ apply new technology to the 'perfect picture' pursuit

- Jikha (Direct) 960 of the LED screen for luminescence spread more evenly throughout the bright, provides more vivid images

- The first live scan 240Hz 'apply kkeulrim to eliminate symptoms and a spectrum

- 'Images of control (Local Dimming)' as a contrast ratio implements 2000000

- 'Color dikaenting (Color Decanting)' technology to implement sophisticated self

■ quality, energy saving, ease of use, the more happiness and a TV reality

- Inbijeobeul (Invisible) Speaker, Clear Voice feature provides optimum sound

- Detect changes in ambient light, automatically adjusting the brightness, power consumption up to 70% savings

- HD video (Divx) playback, quality and convenience features wizard

■ LG Electronics LCD TV, vice president of business gwonhuiwon "LED TV launched the technology of the LG's products," said, "We focus on improving the quality and design of the slim LED TV continue to plan my place"

LG Electronics, Korea's first 240 Hertz (Hz) LED TV has launched 22 days.

LH90 launched the series (55, 47, 42-inch) 3 model in the domestic as well as overseas will see the line sequentially.

LG Electronics introduced the product jikha (Direct) by 960 (55-inch standard) light-emitting diode (LED) spread evenly throughout the screen, because the more bright and luminous, are more vivid picture quality.

This product, the first 240 Hertz (Hz) live scan technology, applied, and the spectrum kkeulrim have no symptoms, so you can enjoy smooth and comfortable image. Car races, including a baseball game, enjoy the fast and dynamic visual effects better when it appears.

240Hz is a full HD video at the beginning of chapter 240 is to implement.

In addition, the screen divides into 90 areas of the screen to adjust the brightness and image, video portion control technology (Local Dimming: Local Dimming) 'and more crisp picture quality and contrast ratio as well as the realization of more than 2,000,000 1 done.

Developed by LG Electronics' color dikaenting (Color Decanting) 'technology was also applied to this product.

'Color dikaenting' technology video engine △ △ △ panel of three kinds of algorithms to improve the quality of organic technology, the self hidden in the combined TV video and the technology is brought to its original color.

Of the only 'THX certification, the value was recognized for the quality.

THX (Tomlinson Holman EXperiment) authentication, digital cinema, the master of a famous Star Wars director George Lucas' Lucasfilm 'theater with the best quality and the quality evaluation and certification of the facility he created for the original picture taken correctly implemented THX certification is provided only for the products.

Did not miss the sound quality.

Mark Levinson tuned the audio industry, the master of 'inbijeobeul speakers, the speaker hole (Hole) without ringing the entire frame, provides the best sound.

Upgrading a 'Clear Voice 2' capabilities to apply, select the characters hear the voice of the little lines and thus to the people can hear clearly.

Eye protection, have applied a variety of other functions such as power savings.

Vision applied to protect the 'Green IQ (EYEQ Green)' function in the City Hall steps 4096, analyze the environment brightness, contrast ratio, colors and automatically adjusts the optimal power consumption jeolgamhae eyes, and give comfort.

In addition, the 'Smart Energy Saving Plus (Smart Energy Saving Plus)' technology, depending on the viewing experience to step 4 can control the brightness of the electricity savings is more than 70%.

In addition, HD-high-definition video via the USB connection to surround you can enjoy easy conversation 'HD video (DivX) features and

Guide to TV tuning capability, with built-in professional quality, quality wizard and provides various convenience features.

₩ 6,400,000 shipped to 55 inches, 47 inches ₩ 4,200,000, is 42 inches ₩ 3,300,000.

LG Electronics LCD TV, vice president of business gwonhuiwon "LED TV launched the technology of the LG's products," said "LG Electronics will focus on improving the quality of the thin LED TV continue to design plans," he said .