LG InstaView refrigerators get voice-controlled doors for 2021

The list of kitchen appliances you can talk to (and reasonably expect some sort of response) gets longer, with LG's newest – and fanciest – refrigerators adding voice-controlled door opening among other features. The revamped LG InstaView Door-in-Door range will make its debut at the fully-virtual CES 2021 in just a couple of weeks time, aiming to make restocking the fridge a little easier when your arms are full.

The LG InstaView refrigerator with voice recognition now supports the "open the refrigerator door" command. Say that, and it'll open automatically for you, much like a power tailgate on a car can.

The other big news for the line-up this coming year aims to reduce the number of times you actually need to open the door at all. The InstaView window basically replaces part of the fridge door with glass: a double-tap on it turns on the light inside, so that you can see what's on the shelves without opening the door itself. For the 2021 range, the InstaView window has been enlarged, by 23-percent, so you can see more of the interior.

Door-in-Door, meanwhile, puts a smaller section of the fridge accessible through a hatch. That way, you can reach for the commonly-needed items – like milk, perhaps – without opening the full door and forcing the refrigerator's compressor to come on. When that does happen, the new models all use LG's DoorCooling+ system, which has vents through the door panels to better distribute cool air.

LG Craft Ice – the company's spherical balls of ice – is also making the leap over to InstaView side-by-side models in 2021, having launched on InstaView French-Door models this past year. That produces 2-inch ice balls, both popular in Instagram photos and also promising slower melting.

Finally, there's LG UVnano, which kicks in every hour to use ultraviolet light to clean the water dispenser tap. That system, LG claims, can remove up to 99.99 percent of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa; it can also be manually triggered.

LG hasn't confirmed pricing for the new range, with details likely to arrive at CES 2021 next month. Still, given its current 2020 models can cost anywhere from $3k up to $8k in some cases, it's unlikely these 2021 refrigerators will come in cheap.