LG GD910 watch-phone gets unboxed

In case London-based readers of SlashGear forgot, this morning saw carrier Orange put the expensive-but-attractive LG GD910 watch-phone on sale at their flagship store.  Electricpig cashed in their premium bonds and stopped by to pick up one of the limited edition touchscreen handsets, promptly throwing up an unboxing gallery and some first impressions.

As you might have expected, usability of the GD910 is mixed.  The compact 1.43-inch capacitive touchscreen turns out to be very responsive to typing, with T9 doing its utmost to keep things ticking over properly, although you can only see a single line of text on-screen at a time.  They're also impressed with the speed of the LG's Bluetooth connection, and even the MP3 player sounds reasonable through the in-built speaker.

Bizarrely the one voice control you'd really want to work – saying "yes" – is the one the GD910 apparently has the most trouble with, and unboxer Ben Sillis still isn't sure he'd use the phone for video calls, no matter how decent quality is over an HSDPA connection.  A £500 ($812) phone you're sheepish to use in public?  Perhaps not the most logical buy, but we're damned if we don't still want one ourselves.