LG GD900 glass keypad phone gets official demo video

The first official demo video for the LG GD900 has been released, showing off the cellphone's multitouch capabilities and its transparent slide-out numeric keypad.  On show at CTIA last month, the GD900 uses its keypad as a secondary capacitive trackpad for gestures and navigation, while the main touchscreen itself also supports multitouch.Video promo, plus live demo, after the cut

Other specs include 7.2Mbps HSDPA, handwriting recognition and an innovative use of shortcuts which rely on users tracing out letters onto the screen.  This way you can launch, say, the media player by tracing "M".  The main display is 3-inches.

LG are keeping quiet on exact launch details, but the LG GD900 is expected to arrive in Europe sometime in Q2 2009.  No word on when – or even if – it will make it over to the US, so for now enjoy the videos.

Official LG GD900 trailer:

[vms 0ecb729a966504af0a63]

LG GD900 demo from CTIA:

[vms d1345dd8fe4e481144d8]