LG Gate enterprise platform unveiled for the BYOD workplace

Bring your own device, more commonly referred to as BYOD, has become a popular system at many workplaces, but along with its benefits, it also brings its own troubles, something many have offered various solutions for. LG has joined these ranks, today unveiling its LG Gate, an enterprise-level platform for businesses aimed specifically at BYOD needs, aiming to both enhance and simplify security.

The company is launching LG Gate on its new LG G2 handset, saying that it offers the ability to run two simultaneous operating systems on a handset, providing a division between work and personal usage. With the software comes a variety of features and functionality, including encryption for both transmitting and storing content and information.

Among LG Gate's offerings — beyond data encryption — is VPN functionality, Mobile Device Management (more commonly called MDM), Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and the aforementioned private and business virtualization. LG says it worked alongside "major" MDM and VPN providers to help create the LG Gate software for "an optimal mobile environment."

Said LG's President and CEO Dr. Jong-seok Park, "With the increasing popularity of BYOD, employees alike are demanding improved work solutions for mobile. LG Gate satisfies the need for both company security and individual privacy. As a respected mobile communications industry leader, LG will continue to deliver exceptional user experiences to all of it valued customers."

LG hasn't detailed its wider plans, but says LG Gate will first be available in the US on the G2.