Aruba WorkSpace gets futuristic with Bring Your Own Device enterprise security

This week the folks at Aruba are showing off their brand new WorkSpace platform complete with what they note is the first Bring Your Own Device solution that integrates the elements they're bringing to the table. With this new system, Aruba will be managing networks, devices, and applications all in one – and all BYOD! This futuristic solution brings on another winning ClearPass Access Management System and is set to protect the vital information flowing in and out of your company devices every single day.

With Aruba's solution you'll be working with a visible differentiation between work and play – personal privacy is at the forefront of this initiative and will allow businesses as well as employees to take command of their devices. And not just laptops. Also included in this push is Apple products from desktop to iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tables, Windows, and BlackBerry too.

Aruba is making an effort to secure your data and your workspaces on all devices by partnering with a variety of brands that have high-powered apps you're already using right this minute. Cisco, Box, SugarSync, and more are on-board already – Aruba has made it clear that the community has already brought fourth more than 40 apps working with the system at launch time – nothing to turn your nose up at! This WorkSpace Partner Program continues to expand, as well – more partners are jumping onboard all the time!

At this very minute, those of you out there with an app that you feel would be a good fit for this secure business-minded system can sign up on the official Aruba WorkSpace site – there you'll get a toolkit that will jump-start your app into a whole new realm. Also at this minute you'll be able to jump onboard with the ClearPass Access Management System – meanwhile Aruba's newest in WorkSpace is currently still in Beta.

WorkSpace will be making its official launch later this year – July is expected for both the main system and the client-side software application for both iOS and Samsung Android devices. We'll see more soon!

[via Aruba]