LG G6 features teased by LG itself

JC Torres - Jan 12, 2017, 7:15am CST
LG G6 features teased by LG itself

What would be your ideal smartphone? If you were to ask a hundred people, you’re bound to get half as much different answers. And yet LG seems to have whittled that down to just five. Well, at least that implies that the G6, or whatever LG will call the smartphone it will announced at MWC next month, will have these five “most desired” features. At least that’s the promise. The delivery, on the other hand, might be a different story.

The first two wishes are actually related: “big screen, smaller body”. They also seem, at first glance, contradictory. Of course, everyone wants a bigger screen but very few will actually want to have a tablet for a phone. The only possible way LG could pull this off is to make the bezels disappear in order to squeeze in more screen space while keeping the body more or less the same.

A waterproof LG smartphone is indeed one of the most resounding and most cited wishes of the company’s fans. LG has shown that it is actually capable of doing so and rumor has it that the LG G6 will indeed be waterproof. That, however, may come at the price of a removable battery. While LG insists that the two are actually not related, their actions may prove otherwise.

“Capture it all at once” is admittedly a bit cryptic. It could be speaking of the G6’s camera, which might be as capable as the V20. Or it could be about audio, again a V20 hallmark. Finally, reliability is another no-brainer, though we wonder if that will translate to something like a MIL STD 810G toughness grade.

If these are all that the LG G6 will offer, some users might feel a bit disappointed. Of course, LG can’t go into much details yet at this point, so bonus features are still something we can look forward to. LG’s “teaser” puts a February date on its reveal, which will most likely take place at MWC.

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