LG G3 Smart Tips show what makes the flagship special

Like any high-end smartphone these days, the LG G3 comes with a boatload of features, probably more than you can remember from the top of your head. To help keep users from drowning in those, LG has uploaded a series of Smart Tip videos that show off those unique features and give a glimpse on how to use them.

First up is actually an accessory-based feature. QuickCircle is the evolution of LG's QuickWindow case during the G2 days and a spin on Samsung's S-View cover that the latter copied. Instead of just notifications or limited app support, LG's QuickCircle case opens a new window, albeit a round one, to your smartphone's functionality even while closed or locked. This includes receiving and sending messages, calls, cameras and more. And by more, we mean that LG is providing an SDK for other app developers to jump in.

There is also Smart Notice, something like Google Now for the LG G3. It is actually a widget that sits on your homescreen and observes your habits and actions. When it has learned enough, it can then make recommendations on the next actions to take. Say you've missed or rejected a call. Smart Notice will, well, notice that and try to remind you at a later time. It is also smart about its suggestions, reminding you to take an umbrella if the forecast shows a chance of rain.

Speaking of smartness, the G3's Smart Keyboard offers the same type of learning keyboard features at no extra cost. It learns from your habits, like any other such keyboard, and adjusts appropriately. But unlike most keyboards, it doesn't just try to guess your most used words. It also observes the way you hit keys. If, after a period of using, it notices that you keep on hitting the space in between "o" and "i" when you really meant to type "o", it will invisibly expand the area covered by "o" so that you will be hitting the right key even when you actually don't.

Knock Code is probably now familiar to most who have been following LG's devices, but here it is again in video form to remind you just how it works, and how better it can be than other pattern-based unlocking system out there. No matter where or how large or how small you make your taps, as long as they still fall on the same quadrants, Knock Code will still work.

The LG G3 adds another layer of security via Guest Mode, which also appeared first in the LG G2. This allows owners a separate Knock Code, home screen, and curated app list for those who'd want to use your smartphone, with your permission of course.

And finally, LG takes a page from Samsung's book with Multi Window. Simply tap and hold on the back button at the left end of the navigation panel for 3 seconds and you will get the Multi Window popup. From there, you can decide which two windows to have side by side, or on top of one another. Unfortunately, like Samsung's implementation, the list of apps that support this feature is quite limited.

Unfortunately, the LG G3 isn't available in the market yet, at least not in the US, so we'll have to take LG's word about these features for now. It might be quite a long wait, if you're waiting to get your hands on one though. US carriers haven't exactly been forthcoming with exact launch dates, and the earliest period that was given was something along the lines of "late June".