LG G3 for T-Mobile appears with 3GB RAM

Brittany A. Roston - May 30, 2014
LG G3 for T-Mobile appears with 3GB RAM

LG’s newest flagship handset, the LG G3, has appeared on T-Mobile’s website, and with it comes the revelation that users will get 3GB of RAM, something that follows in line with some of the rumors that surfaced pre-launch and the official details that came later.

The listing puts the memory size to rest, and lets buyers know what they’re in for — at least with T-Mobile. Other carriers could end up offering a model with 2GB of RAM, as well, or possibly both options. The T-Mobile model in particular will offer 32GB of internal storage.

What T-Mobile will be charging for the handset hasn’t been revealed, with the page stating only that it is “Coming Soon”. How soon, exactly, those details will arrive also isn’t listed, making it a waiting game.

If you haven’t already, check out our hands-on with the latest LG handset, and then check out our run down of the camera to see what it offers, as well as a gallery of images taken with the smartphone and videos recorded with both its front and rear cameras.

SOURCE: T-Mobile

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