LG G series phone line ended, what's next? [UPDATE: LG statement]

Notes from LG this week suggested they're switching gears when it comes to smartphones in 2020 and beyond. Where they've been pushing a headline "G" brand series for the past 8 years, they'll fold two lines into one. Instead of releasing a "G" and a "V" each year, they'll just release a "V"... but they'll also have a new phone. So will anything really change?A statement was shared by an LG representative this afternoon: "For eight generations, the LG G Series has introduced bleeding-edge technology to consumers around the world. From super wide-angle cameras to flexible displays to high-fidelity audio and the Quad DAC to 1440p displays, the G Series has consistently been at the forefront of smartphone innovation since 2012. We look forward to sharing more details soon."The original article continues as follows: LG insiders spoke with The Korea Times Sunday, suggesting a move to a "mass premium product" after "scrapping" the LG G Series. So what's the difference? What would ending one line just to start another really mean? For the end consumer... not a whole lot.

LG phones haven't made major waves in the past several years, due in part to their strategy incorporating their brands across sectors. The name "ThinQ" encapsulates this move. That bit won't end here – earlier this year LG released the LG V60 ThinQ. They'll probably keep the "ThinQ" in their next major smartphone release as well.

The term "mass premium", or as The Korea Times called it, "low cost premium phones" suggests that LG might try for the tier currently controlled by Apple's iPhone XR, Xiaomi, Huawei, and smaller brands like OnePlus. If LG's able to create a smartphone with a fantastic camera, a top-tier display, and a price that's under $500, they might have a chance to make waves. Otherwise they'll just be attempting to punch out the Samsung Galaxy series and the top-tier iPhones that they've been dominated by over the past half-decade.

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