LG G Flex Mouth on Hand video suggests phone is a human

In a move that you'd expect only the Super Bowl crew of advertising agents would push forward, LG has created a spot for the LG G Flex with human lips. In a move that we've only otherwise seen Sony roll with on the Xperia Play, LG presents the LG G Flex as a device that's "the most human phone ever." We must assume that they mean the phone curves to the side of your face.

This spot begins with a Mexican singer playing a birthday song for Danny Boy, the character in the salmon button-up shirt. Afterward, the second character hands the first a present from himself and a photo of a person who couldn't be there for the celebration. From there it gets extra-strange.

Danny Boy opens the package and finds an LG G Flex box much like we've seen with the international release of the device. Inside though, there's no LG G Flex. Instead, Danny Boy finds his hand with a mouth on it. This hand begins to "ring", and he places it against his face.

The "phone call" is from the third character who is taking a vacation. This vacation is on a beach, which you can hear, and there's a crab. The crab reaches through the beard on Danny Boy's hand and pinches him.

This hand-phone has an ear on it as well, and Danny Boy feeds it a piece of cake, suggesting "you are with us, bro." The bearded hand-phone says "happy birthday again, Danny Boy, enjoy your new G Flex." And the world was heavily confused beyond measure.