LG event invite tips Optimus G Pro for May 1st

Chris Burns - Apr 16, 2013
LG event invite tips Optimus G Pro for May 1st

It’s time again to get busy with an LG event for a massive release, this time in New York City with what we must assume is the LG Optimus G Pro for the United States! As the LG Optimus G Pro has been ramping up for release in all other areas of the earth save the USA, it’s high time we got some massive smartphone action of our own – starting May 1st! Have a peek at the invite here and let’s run down the clues as they come!

What we’ve seen of the LG Optimus G Pro thus far is a release on one side of the ocean, a push on the other, and signs of a USA release in recent weeks. With the LG Optimus G Pro and the Google Nexus 4 by LG continuing to make waves on AT&T, T-Mobile, and off-contract here in the USA, the LG Optimus G Pro (and its recent FCC appearance) has us guessing we’ll be getting at least an AT&T 4G LTE iteration before summer time.

The “Share the Genius” line in the invite suggests either that the device they’re about to show will be riddled with share-friendly features or that the name, Optimus G, is ready to share the spotlight with the bigger version of greatness. The LG Optimus G Pro takes the finer points of the LG Optimus G and amplifies them – not only do you get a larger display, you get a much more powerful processor from Qualcomm and photography features that had us giving the thumbs up back at MWC 2013.


Have a peek at the timeline below of recent LG mobile tips, suggestions, and otherwise excellent hands-on experiences to see if you can piece together this puzzle for yourself. LG will one way or another need to bring some heat now that the Samsung GALAXY S 4 and the HTC One are about to hit the market – make it count!

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