LG debuts robo-vacuum with augmented reality, home security features

The robotic vacuum market is currently being dominated by Roomba, with Dyson making moves as well, but that doesn't mean other manufacturers aren't looking to compete with their own advanced floor cleaners. LG is one such company, having just announced their HOM-BOT Turbo+, a flat, automated vacuum with a rounded-corner square shape and a handful of unique features, including augmented reality (AR) and home monitoring capabilities.

"Home-Joy" is the big feature of the HOM-BOT Turbo+, offering smartphone connectivity beyond what's been seen before from other manufacturers. Owners can open the vacuum's app and use the camera to take a picture of the floor area they want cleaned, tapping on specific spots that need extra attention. The vacuum has three camera sensors that make this possible, allowing the device to generate an image of a room so it knows the locations being selected in a photo.

These three cameras also play a part in the other main feature, dubbed "Home-View." This lets users watch a live feed of the cleaning cycle from their phone when not at home, but more interesting is that the vacuum can act as movable home security camera. If the device detects movement, it can take pictures and forward them to owners.

LG hasn't revealed a price or US availability yet, but says the HOM-BOT Turbo+ will be shown off at CES 2016 in early January, so more details are likely to be shared then.