Dyson 360 Eye robo-vacuum will come to US by summer 2016

Following the recent Japanese debut of the 360 Eye, Dyson's advanced robotic vacuum cleaner, will be coming to the US to clean floors by the summer of 2016, the company has said. Dyson CEO Max Conze reveals that the reason they launch their high-tech products in Japan first is because the country is easy to get excited about household robotics. The US, on the other hand, takes a bit more convincing, meaning Dyson will have their work cut out for them.

The 360 Eye is the Tesla of household vacuum cleaners. It features a 360-degree vision system on the top, which it uses to map out the room its cleaning. As one would expect with this, it's smart enough to avoid obstacles like furniture, pets, and feet. But it also features several internet connectivity options, letting users schedule cleanings and check on its progress.

But while Dyson's vacuums have always commanded a premium price, the 360 Eye takes things to a new level of expensive, currently selling for over $1,200 in Japan. It's because of this that Dyson will likely have a hard time attracting US customers, especially those who are already satisfied by their Roomba.

Conze says that they expect to begin shipping the 360 Eye in the US in the spring or summer by latest. There's no word yet on what the pricing will be for the new market, however.

SOURCE Wall Street Journal