LG Cloud floats around the globe

LG launched its LG Cloud service last year in the United States, South Korea, and Russia. After almost exactly a year of availability, LG has now announced that rolling its Cloud TV service out to over 40 countries. The new countries it will get access to LG Cloud includes locations in Europe, Asia, Central Asia, and Latin America.

The new locations will have access to the service by the end of May. The LG Cloud service is a content streaming service that allows users to stream various content directly to their LG Cinema 3-D Smart TV. The LG Cloud service also provides a place for LG smart TV owners to store entertainment content that can be automatically synchronized between various devices they own such as computers, smartphones, and TVs.

The new service offers users access to multiple content types including video, photos, and music once the user uploads content to their account. The service allows users to upload content one time and then access it on multiple devices. The LG Cloud service offers users up to 5 GB of content storage at no cost.

LG offers access to the content stored on its Cloud using a PC client, website, or smart device. LG also says that in the future, smart home appliances will be able to access the shared content stored on the LG Cloud. If you're wondering what sorts of smart appliances LG may be talking about, we've seen refrigerators that have integrated TV screens in the past. The LG Cloud service also allows users to pause content on one device, and resume watching from that exact spot on another device.

[via LG]