LG BX580 3D Blu-ray player Shows up on Amazon

LG's first network Blu-ray player has just shown up on Amazon. Even if it's everything that you may have been waiting for from the Life is Good company, don't get too excited just yet. There's always a catch, and as much as we'd love to say that it's something as simple as, "Hey, it comes in pink!" That's simply not the case. You'll have to test your patience level a bit longer, we're afraid.

The LG BX580 Blu-ray player features everything you'd want it to: HDMI 1.4, DLNA, 3D, 1080p, and Internet connectivity, all bundled up in a nice, sleek box. The BX580 will be able to play all those upcoming 3D Blu-ray titles without a problem (at least, we (and LG) hope without a problem), and it also comes packing NetCast Entertainment Access. Basically, that means you'll be able to take advantage of web-connected entertainment without having to worry about an HTPC.

The network Blu-ray player is listed on the digital retailer for $399.99, but that's where the catch comes in. We know you'd probably love to whip out the credit card, order your new toy, and expect to have it by some time next week, but unfortunately it's not going to start shipping for another couple of months. Amazon's got it listed as "usually ships in one or two months," right now. So, are you willing to wait? Or do you have your eyes set something else?

[via 3D Display Info]