LG Arena "Titan Black" to be T-Mobile UK exclusive

T-Mobile UK has announced that it will be exclusively carrying the "titan black" version of the LG Arena, leaving other carriers to make do with the standard silver handset.  The touchscreen feature-phone has a 5-megapixel camera, Dolby Mobile 2.0 audio and 8GB of onboard storage, together with an integrated FM transmitter.

Other specs include access to the carriers' Mobile Jukebox audio download service and access to YouTube.  Finally there's 3G HSDPA supporting up to 7.2Mbps, WiFi, A-GPS and a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

The LG Arena "titan black" will be available from T-Mobile UK this month.  Prices have not been announced, but we'd imagine you'll probably be able to get it free with a high enough monthly contract.

Press Release:

Clash of the Titan

T-Mobile announces exclusive on the LG Arena in titan black

T-Mobile LG Arena in titan black " key features:

§ High quality music and viewing experience with built-in Dolby® Mobile 2.0 for crisp, clear sound with MP3 files and video files

§ High performance touch-screen and easy-to-use on-screen virtual scroll-wheel to access internet, music, and Mobile TV on the move

§ 8Gb internal memory to store even more tracks

§ Expand your music collection with T-Mobile Mobile Jukebox, a one-stop destination for music downloads, news and merchandise

§ Surf the whole internet as you could on your PC or use the phone as a modem for your laptop via T-Mobile web˜n'walk

§ In-built 5 Mega pixel camera

LG Arena in titan black photography available on request

London, 26 March 2009: The new LG Arena will be exclusively available on T-Mobile in titan black, the mobile network announced today. The LG Arena comes with built-in Dolby Mobile sound for music fans who want a quality sound experience and is also designed to have a large screen to make it perfect for surfing the internet via T-Mobile web˜n'walk. The phone boasts the latest Dolby®Mobile 2.0 technology which means that you can enjoy video and music files in surround sound.

The phone is exclusively available from T-Mobile in a high-gloss, titan black and has a sleek touch screen with a clever little on-screen virtual scroll-wheel for easy access to music. The LG Arena also boasts a host of other features that make it ideal for music lovers, including a large screen which is perfect for watching music video downloads and access to Mobile Jukebox, T-Mobile's mobile music download service, which offers instant access to full length music tracks and videos. The large screen also makes it ideal for customers who want to use the phone to watch their favourite YouTube clips and access social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Daniel Meredith, Head of Handset and Device Marketing, T-MobileUK: The LG Arena is not only a great looking handset, but it also comes with the sound quality credentials such as the Dolby Mobile sound that music fanatics will love. This phone is also top notch in terms of all-round performance and speed and it's perfect for accessing our Mobile Jukebox service which connects our music-loving customers to the artists, news and music they want, whenever and wherever they want.

Jeremy Newing, LG Head of Marketing Mobile, added: We're really proud of the LG Arena. We wanted to design a phone that would bring music closer to our customers. The Arena does this with its 3D user interface and on-screen virtual scroll-wheel for easy access and browsing. We designed the Arena with music in mind, placing a 3.5mm jack on the top of the handset and equipping it with an FM transmitter so our customers can play their tunes on any radio and even in the car.

The LG Arena in titan black will be available from T-Mobile stores from March 2009. For more details please visit: www.t-mobile.co.uk.