LG Arena KM900 5MP touchscreen feature-phone leaks

An image of the upcoming LG Arena KM900 touchscreen cellphone has leaked, complete with preliminary specifications, ahead of what's likely to be a Mobile World Congress launch later this month.  The LG KM900 has a large touchscreen believed to be 240 x 400 resolution, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 5-megapixel camera with the ability to record HD video.

There's also integrated GPS and presumably an app for navigation, together with LG's new "innovative S-Class 3D" GUI that, as people are already noting, looks more than a little iPhone-esque.  DivX playback is also rumored.

In fact the whole handset looks a like LG have taken a few existing cellphones and shaken them up together.  The metal housing and front-panel buttons are reminiscent of the Samsung Omnia i900, while the GUI looks a little like that of the iPhone mixed up with the Samsung Instinct.  It's apparently in production right now, with an expected European launch in March 2009.

[via Unwired View]