LG announces Game World for CINEMA 3D Smart TV line

LG is gearing up for a "new era of downloadable casual 3D games" by announcing Game World, a new casual games store for its CINEMA 3D line of Smart TVs. As you can probably imagine, Game World functions similarly to other app stores out there, allowing users to search for, purchase, and keep a collection of casual games. LG says that the games featured in Game World can be played with the company's Magic Remote, but if you're not crazy about the idea of playing video games with a remote control, many of the games also come with support for third-party gamepads.

Game World will be split up into nine different genres: action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, RPG, shooter, simulation, sports, and strategy. Players will also be able to browse through lists of featured games, top sellers and titles that are new to Game World, but of course can search for specific titles if that's preferred. Given that Game World will be exclusive to LG's CINEMA 3D line, some of the games will naturally be available in 3D, and company also says that Game World will be comprised of both paid and freeware titles.

New users will get to take advantage of a tutorial, which will provide information on how to navigate the store with a Magic Remote or gamepad. LG says that most of the titles available through Game World will be family-friendly ones, so don't expect to find a bunch blood and boobs while browsing the store. We're not sure which games will be coming to Game World actually, but the image from LG you see above shows games like Cut the Rope, Plants vs. Zombies and Air Penguin 3D featured prominently on the main menu page.

Some of those games are already available on LG Smart TVs, which makes it pretty safe to assume that they'll be featured when Game World lands. LG doesn't talk about any games specifically in its announcement, so it looks like we'll have to wait for more details on those. Since Game World's "second half of this year" launch window means anytime between now and December 31, we'll should hopefully be getting some more information on the service in the next few weeks. Stay tuned, folks.