LG Android VMware Horizon Mobile hands-on

One of the official CES 2012 awards this year, a Design & Engineering Showcase Award to be exact, was awarded to LG Electronics for their groundbreaking implementation of a bit of software by the name of VMware Horizon Mobile. This VMware invention has been around for a few months now, but has never been shown off in a fully functional manner like this, here with LG on their Verizon Mobile 4G LTE LG Revolution device. What it represents is an ability that you, the business person, has to create a sandboxed version of Android running on your device so that you can have added security and perfect version compatibility – that make sense to you? Have a peek at our hands-on video for more insight.

This solution, as used by LG in the Revolution here in the video, is using Horizon Type 2 hypervisor, this a solution that requires vertualization to layer your second environment on top of your already existing Android base. What you see working here allows you to have two completely separate environments on your device: one for "home" and one for "work," for example. This solution gives you the ability to have things such as security of your work data and files while you work with your personal set of apps, files, folders, and even items so simple as wallpapers.

It also allows carriers to very possibly do away with the massive wait that we all go through when a new version of the software comes out and we must work to create a compatible version of it for each individual device. That, and it gives the manufacturers in this Android world the ability separate their software from their hardware (in more ways than one) so that they can concentrate on one or the other, however they wish.

Have a peek at this award-winning project courtesy of LG's Tony Janssen right here on a device that came out earlier last year, the LG Revolution, also reviewed by us in full.