LG and Hitachi join forces for clean water initiative

Both Hitachi Plant Technologies and LG Electronics have expressed their love for the environment and have teamed up to bring a brand new water treatment company to the forefront, this company starting up operations on the first of February, 2012. This new company will be named LH-Hitachi Water Solutions Co., Ltd., and will play what they hope is a significant role in the rapidly growing industry of water treatment. What we're hoping is that this will also bring more attention to the face that, believe it or not, not everyone in the world has access to safe and clean water, this being one of the biggest reasons why disease still runs rampant throughout the earth.

This new business will be run by Young-ha Lee as Chief Executive Officer and Hidenao Kawai as Chief Operating Officer. Lee has expressed his excitement for the birth and growth of the company and the joint venture has been very vocal about how his recent role as CEO and president of LG's Home Appliance Company has brought him in on Japanese corporate culture via his station between 1986 and 1990 well enough that he'll be a fine selection for this new venture. Lee spoke thusly on the situation:

"Human use of water has increased more than 30-fold over the past three centuries but less than 1 percent of the world's fresh water is readily accessible for human use. LG and the Hitachi -– two of the most diversified companies in the world — will combine their resources to developing innovative solutions for the world's water problems." – Lee

Certainly an encouraging project, and with Hitachi's power in advanced R&D and water-related industries tied with LG's manufacturing and technology backing them up, we're looking at company that'll certainly have s strong start. This group will be focusing on manufacturing and selling water treatment equipment at the start. This includes Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of water treatment systems and O&M for water treatment facilities. This project will center around drinking water and sewage treatment facilities as well as wastewater treatment facilities, and will be researching and developing water treatment technologies for all of them.