LG 4K Curved OLED TV range heads to CES 2014

Shane McGlaun - Jan 2, 2014
LG 4K Curved OLED TV range heads to CES 2014

LG will be one of the electronics firms that is showing off its high-end TV tech at CES 2014. When the show kicks off next week LG plans to show off its full line of curved OLED TVs. Among the products that LG will be showing off is the world’s largest 77-inch 4K curved Ultra HD OLED TV.

With TVs offering 4K resolution and OLED screens separately being some of the most expensive units on the market, you can imagine that a big screen set combining both technologies will not be inexpensive. LG will be showing off its curved screen 77EC9800, which we went eyes-on with back in September 2013.

A 77-inch screen is a big TV and may be more screen than most people can fit in their living room. LG will be showing off two more screen sizes in its curved OLED 4K line at CES 2014. The other screen sizes include 55-inch and 65-inch units as well. All three screen sizes will have the same 3840 x 2160 native resolution.

All of the curved screen units feature what LG describes as a leaf-shaped stand. It appears that only the 77-inch model has the LG Tru-ULTRA HD Engine Pro system that upscales SD, HD, and Full HD content to 4K resolution automatically. Stay tuned for more details from CES 2014 when the show starts.


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