Levetron Mech4 modular gaming keyboard rejects spills and noobs

We've all been there. An all-night session of Team Fortress 2 or Borderlands. An epic raid in World of Warcraft. A no-holds-barred, winner take all showdown in Yu-Gi-Oh Online. If you're in the bad habit of spilling your over-caffinated gaming fuel all over your expensive inputs, then AZiO's Levetron Mech4 keyboard might just be for you. Its spill-proof drainage design is a lot like high-end Lenovo Thinkpads, allowing you to power though a Level 4 Sprite disaster and keep racking up the headshots.

A resistance to all things liquid isn't the only brights spot for the Mech4. Its mechanical Cherry MX Black keys give that satisfying click-clack that gamers are so eager for these days, and a modular design allows you to configure the number pad and a removable 6-key macro board to your liking. Lefties will appreciate the either-or style, and the sliding rail on the top of the function row matches the Picatinny mounting system on your favorite Battlefield 3 rifle. The keyboard doesn't just look tough – AZiO is claiming a 50 million keystroke lifecycle for each switch.

Naturally the key macros and functions are customizable, with a two-function switch next to the Escape key. Since no l33t gamer setup is complete without a little bling, the volume controls and left macros feature LED lighting. AZiO has set the price at a reasonable $109.99 (for a mechanical gaming keyboard, anyway) and you can pick one up at online retailers CyberPowerPC or NCIX.