Let's Try HTC Vive "Phone Companion" in VR

Those of you worried about being left unaware when you receive a phone call or a text in virtual reality should worry no more. The HTC Vive Phone Companion app has launched – and we've given it a try. What you're about to see is how simple the app is and how effective it's going to be when it comes to giving you a heads-up when your friends are about to barge in your room right after they've given you a call.

You can attain the Phone Companion app from Google Play right now. From there, you're going to need to actually own an HTC Vive and have it set up to run in your home. Your smartphone will ask to connect to your computer, and your computer will interact with your phone. It's quite basic, really.

Above you'll see us use notifications for text messages as well as phone calls. Actually we MAKE a phone call, but because I've called my own phone – the same one I'm connected to the computer with – I get an automatic reply to attain voicemails, if I for some odd reason have any.

You can also enable Calendar reminders – this pulling notifications from Google Calendar. If you enable this, you can also send yourself reminders (through Google Calendar) which tell you to stop playing VR games and pick up some milk for cereal before the grocery store closes.

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You can also work with Quick Replies. In addition to a set of quick replies created by HTC, you can create your own. These replies are then available to you inside the HTC Vive when you get a text message or phone call.

All of this business works through the Vive app – a VR app – which you're going to need to have open to attain notifications. That Vive app sits open while you're playing games, running in the background while you're in the virtual realm.

Have a peek at our full HTC Vive review and let us know if you're onboard – or plan on tapping in soon.