Let's Try Facebook Live Video

This morning Facebook expanded "Facebook Live" to include the whole world and to include a litany of new features for all users. Originally launching the service for select brands and celebrities first, the social network has made the ability to share one's experience with the world on-the-spot available to the masses this morning. What we're going to do here is to make using or viewing Facebook Live very easy.

There are several ways in which you'll be able to use Facebook Live at this time. One of them is to stream your own video from your own mobile device – at this time, there is no public desktop streaming as such. You can also watch live video as streamed by others.

To Stream yourself Live right now

For iOS and Android users, you'll want to download the Facebook app first of all. That'll be found easily in your App Store under "Facebook." It's just the standard Facebook app – nothing too fancy!

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1. Download Facebook

iTunes App Store Facebook – download or updateGoogle Play app store Facebook – download or update

2. Next, you'll want to open the Facebook app. Easy peasy.

3. Tap the little pencil-in-square icon if you're on an iPhone, or tap your pencil "Status" icon if you're on Android.

4. Tap the LIVE button. It'll look like what you see below if you're one of those lucky enough to have been chosen by Facebook to be able to use Facebook Live video at this time. This feature is NOT AVAILABLE for everyone just yet. It's still coming for some people. Likely by the end of the week – we hope.

To Watch

You've got a few options when you want to watch Live video. First, you could potentially see a friend on Facebook streaming live video by happenstance. They could be streaming right now!

Live video will be popping up on your newsfeed sooner than later – you won't have to do anything special to access it. You might also find LIVE action going on in trending events.

If you're not seeing a whole lot of action from your friends just yet, head over to the Facebook Live Map to see people projecting their live feeds from all around the world.