Let's Explore the Millennium Falcon in 3D space

Those of you already exploring the virtual reality spaces you've always wanted to explore will know the (1st world) pain of not having every space you've ever dreamed of. Not yet, anyway. What the folks at Archilogic are doing is drawing in new customers using their own well-trained abilities to turn any floor-plan into a fully-rendered 3D space. They've got the knowhow. They want to charge you a flat fee to turn your space into an explorable object. With models like the Millennium Falcon and Don Draper's apartment already available, our minds reel with the possibilities.

Unfortunate for us in the moment, there is no VR version of this experience. We'll expect our ability to explore with these spaces in VR to appear sooner than later. UPDATE: Check out IrisVR to begin to head down the VR path with these self-rendered masterpieces.

The first place we went to explore was the Millennium Falcon. No matter how many times I see a floor plan of this ship, I just can't get it through my head how long those corridors are.

Then BAM!

This model made it clear.

The obvious first use-case scenario for this setup Archilogic have is architectural plans for buildings. For new houses. For the super-rich – or for planners of refurbished houses.

Uploading your floor plans and paying Archilogic a fee brings you a fully-edit-friendly 3D plan for your space. As Rob Beschizza at BoingBoing suggests, we'd rather see fully realized models of places like the Overlook Hotel. Absolutely!

You can choose to use a service like Archilogic if you're not especially tuned in on how to create these 3D spaces yourself. You can also use a service like Sketchup, which is also free and open for all.

Remember the last time we spoke about Sketchup? It was back in 2012!