Lenovo plans IdeaPad S20, a 12-inch netbook

There are only a few players with 12-inch netbook in the market, and Lenovo is reported to join the game. The IdeaPad S20 is on Lenovo's roadmap and will be powered by N280 Atom processor with Intel's GN40 chipset.

Lenovo reportedly lost its preferential pricing for N280 Atom CPU due to its decision to put the low powered CPU on a 12-inch netbook. The IdeaPad S20 will be bundled with Windows XP and carry a price tag of $586 according to Digitimes. No word on when the IdeaPad S20 will hit the retail shelf.

With price war boiling even hotter on affordable lightweight notebooks, it won't be long until budget low-end laptop suffer from the market trend.

[via laptopblog360]