Lenovo to build PC plant in the US

You don't come across a lot of electronics that are made in the US anymore. In fact, it's actually extremely rare. Google boasted that its Nexus Q was manufactured in the US, but that's only one device out of thousands. Fortunately, Lenovo is looking to spice things up and is planning on building some of its computers here in the US.

Lenovo will be opening up a plant in North Carolina to manufacture some of its ThinkPad and ThinkCentre laptops, desktops, and tablets. The new facility will cost around $2 million and will employ 115 workers once it opens next year. The plant will be located in Whitsett, NC, which actually isn't too far from Lenovo's US headquarters in Raleigh.

However, don't expect the company to start moving all their business to the US — a majority of their products will still be made in China and Mexico. The limited-capacity US plant will only allow Lenovo more flexibility to cater to its corporate clients. Then again, the new US plant still gives them a leg up on other computer manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Apple, who no longer make any computers in the United States whatsoever. The "made in the USA" moniker will certainly boost Lenovo's reputation and make them a more favorable company than before.

It's not known how this will affect prices for various Lenovo machines or what manufacturing processes will occur at the new plant, but North America President for Lenovo David Schmoock said that the new facility will be environmentally friendly and the company should receive a lot of value from its clients from that.