Lenovo ThinkPad Mini 10 with Atom & 10-inch display appearing?

A new Lenovo netbook has apparently been spotted in Australian schools, seemingly based on the company's ThinkPad X100e but with a smaller display.  The Lenovo ThinkPad Mini 10 – as it's said to be labeled – has the same chassis and keyboard of the X100e, but fits in a 10-inch display rather than its sibling's 11.6-inch panel.

According to the tipster, the "Mini 10" logo was positioned where the ThinkPad numbers are usually to be found, and the netbook uses Intel Pine Trail components rather than the AMD processor and chipset in the X100e.  The Mini 10 is believed to use Intel's Atom N450 processor and GMA 3150 graphics.

The smaller display is likely a move to keep prices down, certainly something of interest the educational authorities believed to be rolling the netbook out in certain Australian schools.  A Lenovo ThinkPad Mini 11 has also been rumored previously, which we're guessing includes Pine Trail processors but with the original X100e's display.

[via Eee-PC.de]