Lenovo ThinkPad laptops T, X, L, W series grab Ivy Bridge

It's time for the 3rd Generation Intel Core update to Lenovo's line of ThinkPad laptops including their T, X, L, and W series, these including software updates as well. What we're dealing with here in this update is a series of upgrades for each of the unique series with one common strain between the lot of them: Intel's Ivy Bridge processors bumping them all up to ultra powerful. Have a peek at how Lenovo is bringing the heat across the board with their ThinkPad series all across the board.

ThinkPad X230 and X230t

The X-series ThinkPad notebook has always been a high productivity set of tools made to work in non-traditional workspaces, made also for the mobile user who needs the added bump of Mil-Spec testing which the whole X-series has to feel fabulous about. The upgrade here with Ivy Bridge also includes 2 new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, a brand new keyboard, a bump up to Dolby Advanced Audio, a new software suite you'll know well as ThinkPad Enhanced Experience 3.0, and more. You'll also get a brand new Mini-DisplayPort, a backlit keyboard option, an added set of dual vents for cooler and quieter processing, and Polycon as well as Face Tracking for video conferencing.

ThinkPad W530

This notebook is what Lenovo calls the "fastest mobile workstation under 6lbs. That's a hefty claim, and it comes standard with RAID storage and gets bumped up in several places here in this Ivy Bridge upgrade. You've got a brains new precision keyboard, DisplayPort 1.2 readiness, and a whole new software experience which, once again, you'll know as ThinkPad Enhanced Experience 3.0. This new version of the notebook comes with Dolby Home Theater v4 and rocks the Xrite Color Calibrator at 45% smaller than its past iteration with a palm rest option. You've got an option for a backlit keyboard, the newest in NVIDIA GPU options, 135w AC Adapter (dual core), and 3rd Generation Intel Core standard volt processors (with Turbo Boost+).

ThinkPad T430 / 530

This notebook is what Lenovo calls its most powerful T and its best-selling enterprise machine. In the newest versions of both the T430 and T530, you've got the new Precision Keyboard you've been hearing so much about, the whole notebook is much lighter than previous versions, and you've got ThinkPad Enhanced Experience 3.0 to boot. Dolby Advanced Audio will keep your sounds strong, there's a brand new mini-DisplayPort with audio, you can get a backlit keyboard, and you've got a brand new 720p HD camera on the front with Face Tracking. All this with 3rd Generation Intel Core standard volt processors (with Turbo Boost+).

ThinkPad 430s

Very similar to the rest of the T-series, this 430s is Lenovo's "leading no-compromise mobile enterprise 14-inch notebook" and what they call their lightest T with Powerful Performance and Mobility. The upgrade you see here comes with ThinkPad Enhanced Experience 3.0, brings Thunderbolt if you choose i7, has HD as well as HD+ display options, and has a Rapid Charge option. This Rapid Charge option brings you an amazing 80% charge to your notebook in just 30 minutes – fabulous! This upgrade has Dolby Home Theater v4, Mini-DisplayPort with audio, and a backlit keyboard option. You've got a 720p camera on the front with Face Tracking right out of the box, and of course you've got the ever so popular 3rd Generation Intel Core standard volt processors (with Turbo Boost+).

ThinkPad L430 / L530

Here Lenovo brings you "no sacrifice in performance for price" with the L-series which brings you "the right amount of features for productivity, mobility, and reliability." The upgrade brings you USB 3.0 with mini-DisplayPort, Dolby Advanced Audio, and a software upgrade to ThinkPad Enhanced Experience 3.0. This upgrade has EPEAT GOLD, Energy Star, Low Halogen, and ULE additions for all the green feelings you can handle. You've also got SmartCard options via this upgrade's 54mm ExpressCard as well as the ability to work with Switchable Discrete graphics up to 2GB. This upgrade has the new Precision Keyboard as well as physical upgrades which include new 180 degree metal hinges as well as HD+ panels.


Enjoy a close-up look at all of the machines you see written about above and see how power looks when it comes from Lenovo! Pick all of these models up immediately if not soon!