Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z giveaway: the winner is…

Chris Davies - Jul 5, 2010
Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z giveaway: the winner is…

SlashGear’s Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z giveaway ended on Saturday night, and we’re pleased to say we have a winner!  We had plenty of great suggestions as to how best to avoid the nightmare situation of desk-overload, but the winning name out of the hat was Meagan Pfannenstiel aka “gadgetmonk“.

Meagan’s suggestion was:

My work desk consists of a computer system, monitor, keyboard and several folders rack.

Here is my space organization & setup.

1. Instead of buying tower chassis or HTPC chassis, I went ahead and purchase 1U server chassis as my desktop case and bought low profile system component. Then I attached the 1U under my desk (with clip holder) giving me accessibility to ports and DVD-ROM without taking space on top of my desk (even small HTPC have footprint)

2. Hang my monitor to the wall

3. Wireless Keyboard with build in touchpad with slide out tray under my desk (beside the 1U system)

That’s it, nothing on my desk at all! I have 100% of desk space for my writing and others!

She takes away the Lenovo all-in-one, but if you weren’t lucky this time you can head over to Lenovo’s online store or try your luck at one of the other sites giving away this covetable computer!  Good luck!

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