Lenovo Tab E10 available in the US six months after debut

Not all markets are equal, which sometimes means that not all markets are given the same opportunities to access the same devices. Expensive premium devices are sometimes withheld from those labeled as "growing economies" while more budget-friendly entry-level products are unavailable in "major markets". Sometimes, though, those products eventually make their way, but only after some time has passed. Just like the Lenovo Tab E10 Android tablet that just silently popped up in the US, months after it could have made a difference.

OK, maybe it might not have made a difference at all. Of the five tablets Lenovo announced out of the blue last August, the Tab E10 had the distinction of being the largest of the company's low-tier offering. That said, some might actually be in the market for an entertainment mobile device that won't burn a hole through their wallets but don't see the point in an Amazon Fire.

Behind its size, the Lenovo Tab E10 hides a modest heart, specifically a Snapdragon 212 with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of expandable storage. That's topped by a 10.1-inch 1280x800 screen and powered by an equally massive 4,850 battery. The press release last year noted it was running Android Oreo Go Edition, though that doesn't seem to be reflected in its specs sheet.

You get all of that for only $129.99. It's not dirt cheap, but it is one of the lowest in the US market from a reputable brand. Especially considering Huawei's tablets may soon become unavailable in the country.