Lenovo Superfish adware disabled since January

Chris Burns - Feb 19, 2015
Lenovo Superfish adware disabled since January

This morning there’ve been some fairly harsh reactions to some so-called “Superfish” software included in Lenovo notebooks. Lenovo has released a statement on the subject, making it clear that this software was only included on “some consumer notebooks” sold between October and December of the year 2014. Due to the less-than-positive impact the software had when it was first discovered by consumers, it was completely disabled since January of 2015 on the server side. What exactly does that mean for you, the Lenovo notebook owner?

“Superfish has completely disabled server side interactions (since January) on all Lenovo products,” said Lenovo this morning, ” so that the product is no longer active.” Lenovo continued, “This disables Superfish for all products in the market.”

We first heard about Superfish earlier this week.

This software was in place, said Lenovo, to “help customers potentially discover interesting products while shopping.”

Lenovo’s statement made certain to note what the software did and did not do, saying “Superfish technology is purely based on contextual/image and not behavioral.” They went on to list the following bits and pieces about the software:

• It does not profile nor monitor user behavior.
• It does not record user information.
• It does not know who the user is.
• Users are not tracked nor re-targeted.
• Every session is independent.
• Users are given a choice whether or not to use the product.

In other words – Superfish was a lot less active than most of the products you use on the internet every day. Facebook tracks you more than this. Google search CERTAINLY tracks you more than this for things like AdSense.

Lenovo suggests that they’ve completely stopped preloading the Superfish software in January, and that they “will not preload this software in the future.”

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