Lenovo Motorola acquisition tipped in Google deal [UPDATE: Official]

Today it would appear that a rather unforeseen set of events has led Lenovo to be appearing to purchase Motorola Mobility from Google. This sort of buy would be a major one – larger perhaps, even, than the news in 2011 that Google was purchasing Motorola in the first place. The deal is said to be worth between $2- and $3-billion USD and is being tipped now by multiple independent sources.UPDATE: It's official.

This deal would be in the face of Google's several recent financial reports that included Motorola-based losses. While Motorola would appear to be doing well in the public eye, Google has had to explain losses from their Motorola-centric sector when reporting quarterly earnings for the past year. If Google were to sell of their handset business in this way, they'd be taking an especially large hit compared to how much they dropped on the company back when they purchased it.

Word from China Daily is that Lenovo has refused to comment on the situation outside of one confirmation that they'll soon be announcing a "major acquisition." This announcement is said to be taking place on Thursday morning in Beijing.

When Google purchased Motorola Mobility it spent a total of around $12.5 billion USD. This push would have Lenovo following up on their purchase of IBM Corporation's x86 server unit last week for $2.3 billion. This purchase of Motorola Mobility would include more than 10,000 mobile communications patents as well.

UPDATE: Rueters also has word that this business deal will include stock as well as deferred payments for purchase. They also suggest that Lenovo has been advised in this matter by Credit Suisse Group while Google works with Lazard Ltd.