Lenovo looking into RIM acquisition to bolster mobile offerings

Lenovo has been slowly creeping its way into the mobile market, and we saw a few of the things that the company is working on at CES a couple of weeks ago, including the IdeaPhone K900, which looks to take on flagship handsets from other companies. However, it looks like Lenovo is wanting to step in the mobile market for good, because the company is thinking about possible acquisition strategies to bolster their mobile offerings.

One of the companies that Lenovo is eyeing is RIM, which reviewed its strategic options last year after they started losing more and more market share to Apple and Android. Ever since, the company has been the target for acquisition rumors. Currently, though, Lenovo is considering all options, and have looked into RIM, as well as others, according to Lenovo's Chief Financial Officer Wong Wai Ming.

Ming says that Lenovo has dedicated team working on possible acquisitions, and that they have spoken to RIM about possible partnerships or other strategic ventures. However, Ming left it at that, and declined to say much more, and RIM also declined to comment on the possible acquisition by Lenovo.

RIM is just about to launch its all new platform, BlackBerry 10, and while some critics have already thrown in the towel for RIM, hopefuls are waiting patiently to see if the new operating system and new smartphones from the Canadian-based company will move mountains. Come January 30, we'll officially see what RIM is up to.

[via Bloomberg]