Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid hits FCC

The Lenovo IdeaPad U1 tablet was talked about a lot previously around here along with the LePad tablet. The tablet looks a lot like a netbook when it is docked inside the keyboard case. We have had our doubts as to whether the U1 hybrid would ever come to market, but those doubts are wiped away now with the U1 hitting the FCC for its needed approvals. The U1 is the dock that fits the IdeaPad K1 tablet.

With the FCC approvals out of the way, we might see the U1 land in stores at any time now. The reminds more than a little of the Eee Pad Transformer. The big difference between the two is that the U1 will use Windows and packs an Intel processor. That may make the U1 more appealing to business types and geeks that need to run Windows software on the road.

Things have a way of changing though so we will have to wait and see since it has been a long time since this device was talked about. With the Android craze, it might end up a different animal than what we saw last year. It has already shrunk to a 10.1-inch screen device so changes are already made. Still I am excited to see the U1 finally cross the FCC.

[via Netbooknews]