Lenovo establishes Mobile Internet & Digital Home team for tablets, phones & more

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Lenovo has established a new product group to head tablet and smartphone development, the Lenovo mobile internet and digital home division, which will also look at web-connected home electronics including smart TVs. According to SeattlePI, the new division will be led by former Lenovo product group exec Liu Jun.

His previous role will be taken by Peter Hortensius, who previously was chief of the Think product group. Hortensius claims that the new division is part of an attempt by Lenovo to take smart TVs, smartphones and tablets seriously and with a clear focus at senior management level, given that they are "different enough from PCs" to be worth concentrating on individually.

"This is definitely going to be a very important year in tablets," Hortensius predicted, going on to suggest that the first tablets US customers should expect to see will come from Lenovo's business unit. The company re-announced the LePad slate and dock at CES 2011 earlier this month.

[via NetbookNews]