Lenovo discredits RIM acquisition rumors

Lenovo was a hot topic last week after it was reported that CFO Wong Wai Ming said that the company was looking into an acquisition of RIM, as well as possibly a couple of other companies. However, the company has released an official statement downplaying the significance of the quotes from Ming, saying that Ming "was speaking broadly about M&A strategy" and the interviewer specifically asked about RIM.

So, it turns out that Lenovo may not actually be seeking a RIM acquisition, but Lenovo didn't provide a straight "no" either, simply just saying that the company does "not comment on M&A rumors or speculation," and that they're "very focused on growing its business, both organically and through M&A."

Furthermore, RIM has also issued a statement about the miscommunication, and they too, didn't give a strict "no" concerning the acquisition rumors, saying that they "continue to examine all available options," but the company currently doesn't "have anything new to report on our Strategic Review at this time."

Essentially, this doesn't add any more to the rumors, but it also doesn't take anything away. Sure, both companies were quick to downplay the quotes made by CFO Ming, but neither company flat out said "no" to the rumors. Both Lenovo and RIM say that they're always evaluating different opportunities for growth and making decisions that best benefit the two companies.

[via The Next Web]