Lenovo Demon Slayer gaming chair appears before US IMAX movie release

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Today it's become apparent that Lenovo designed* a gaming chair in collaboration with the folks who make Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba. The design of the chair is the Lenovo All-Intensive Chair of Kimetsu no Yaiba, or Devil's Blade x Lenovo Chair. Your eye will likely move immediately to the strangest element in the chair's construction: the "blade" itself!

This design works with a lovely satin material and block design down the center, with the Lenovo logo at the head. Much like the gaming chair brand RESPAWN delivers here in the USA, this chair has a separate back support and head support cushion which can be adjusted independent of the chair. Also there would appear to be a sword involved.

The "sword" is mounted to the left-hand side of the chair with straps. Per Lenovo's description of the chair, the sword "cannot be pulled out." We can safely assume this means that there is no actual metal sword, as such, and that the design is only what we see on the outside.

*The gaming chair is a customized iteration of an "off-the-shelf chair." According to Lenovo, There are "no plans for future sales." They've also made clear that "for inquiries about this product," an interested party should "contact the campaign secretariat." They've also made some custom laptop sleeves here, too – wild and fun.

If you live in Japan and want to take a crack at attaining this chair, you'll need to talk with Lenovo about it. If you live anywhere else, good luck to you! You'll need to make your own!

MEANWHILE, Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba): Mugen Train, AKA the movie Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train, was given an official USA release date for IMAX theaters and digital streaming/download. The IMAX release date for Demon Slayer in the USA is April 23, 2021, and the digital release is set for June 22, 2021.