Lenovo axing ThinkPad X300/X301 ultraportables?

Chris Davies - Jul 14, 2010
Lenovo axing ThinkPad X300/X301 ultraportables?

Lenovo apparently plans to kill off their ThinkPad X300 and X301 ultraportables, in the Chinese market at least, in favor of 14-inch models like the T410s.  That’s according to Think Account Marketing Director Wang Liping at Lenovo, who cites underwhelming CPU and GPU performance in comparison to the similarly slender T400s and T410s as the main reason for the notebooks’ demise.

As for the timescale, Liping says Chinese customers should expect to see the X300/X301 range phased out around the end of 2010.  No word on whether the same timescale is being planned for the US or other countries, or indeed whether the premium X30x models will be refreshed outside of China.

[via Thinkpads]

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