LEGO VIDIYO sets and pricing revealed ahead of March launch

Last month, LEGO announced VIDIYO, a new augmented reality system that allows kids to make music videos using LEGO minifigures and music licensed from Universal Music Group. Today, the two companies revealed the products that will be included in the first wave of VIDIYO releases. As it turns out, LEGO VIDIYO doesn't have sets like most traditional LEGO releases, but rather users will buy BeatBoxes containing a minifigure that represents a certain genre of music.

At the start, there will be six of these BeatBoxes available. In addition to featuring a minifigure, these BeatBoxes will also include two "special" BeatBits and 14 random ones, so it seems that kids will primarily build out their collection of BeatBits through purchasing these BeatBoxes. BeatBits are 2x2 tiles that enable special effects, dance moves, props, and sound effects in the augmented reality music videos that kids create in the VIDIYO app. Here are the first six BeatBoxes that will be up for grabs:

• 43102 'Candy Pop' in the Candy Mermaid BeatBox (Pop)

• 43103 'Pirate Punk' in the Punk Pirate Beatbox (Punk)

• 43104 'Alien DJ' in the Extra Terrestrial Dance Music BeatBox (ETDM)

• 43105 'Party Llama' in the Party Llama BeatBox (Tropicon)

• 43106 'Unicorn DJ' in the Unicorn DJ BeatBox (K-pawp)

• 43107 'Robot Break-dancer' in the HipHop Robot BeatBox (HipHop)

Each BeatBox will run $19.99 and will also include a scanning stage that users can position their minifgures and BeatBits on before scanning them in the app. In addition to the six BeatBoxes, LEGO will also offer 12 bandmates through blind bags that also include a special BeatBit and two random ones. The dancers available in these blind bags include Red Panda Dancer, Cotton Candy Cheerleader, Shark Singer, Bunny Dancer, Discowboy Singer, Genie Dancer, Samurapper, DJ Cheetah, Ice Cream Saxophonist, Alien Keytarist, Banshee Singer, and Werewolf Drummer.

Back when VIDIYO was first announced, we assumed that some part of it would be available through blind bags since LEGO seems rather fond of those these days, and sure enough, they'll be the only way to obtain the bandmates listed above. Each blind bag will cost $4.99, and while that seems relatively inexpensive (especially considering how much some LEGO sets can cost), those looking to collect all of the bandmates and BeatBits will almost certainly need to buy more than 12 blind bags given their random nature.

In any case, today LEGO confirmed that there will be around 30 songs from Universal Music Group's catalog available when VIDIYO launches, with plans to release more songs as time goes on. LEGO will also be releasing more minifigures, bandmates, and BeatBits, with plans to release 130 BeatBits in the first year alone.

This first wave of BeatBoxes and blind bags will be released on March 1st. We'll likely hear about more BeatBoxes and blind bags as we move through 2021, so stay tuned for more. For more on how LEGO VIDIYO works, be sure to check out the video embedded above and our write up covering last month's reveal.