LEGO ukulele can actually be tuned and played

LEGO has to be one of the more impressive and geeky building systems ever dreamed up. The people that invented the little bricks should win a Nobel Prize for something. It never ceases to impress me that geeks can build some very interesting gear using the little blocks. The last time I talked about a LEGO build was when a geek built himself a Master Chief suit out of the bricks. Now a guy has taken a box full of bricks and made his own musical instrument.

The instrument in question is a ukulele. This little thing looks like a shrunken guitar that I always think of people in Hawaii sitting around playing. The builder is Ross Crawford and the photos show an impressive design. He notes that the build had some challenges, namely getting the shape, strength, tuning, and intonation. I would imagine those were very big challenges with the instrument being made from LEGO.

He says that while a normal ukulele is tuned to G-C-E-A, his is tuned to C-F-A-D. I have no idea what that means other than it doesn't sound exactly like a normal ukulele would. He even made a stand out of LEGO to place the instrument onto. The coolest part of the build and the one that seems to be complex is the head with the tuning parts.

[via Brothers-Brick]