Halo Master Chief suite made from LEGO

We can never underestimate the ability of a geek with a desire and a bunch of LEGO bricks to build anything that can be dreamed up. At times, we see things made for LEGO and while the scale of the construction is impressive, the overall design isn't that difficult to imagine someone building. Take that LEGO brick wall I mentioned last week, that was huge and impressive, but we have all built walls with LEGO.

Designer Ben Caulkins took a big box of gray LEGO bricks and created what may be the crowning achievement in the world of LEGO design. Ben built himself a Halo Master Chief Spartan suit that he can wear, and that suit looks really, really good. Ben spent six moths building the suit and constructed it to fit his body. Ben says that he thought a lot about what part he would create first and settled on the helmet. That helmet also required the most planning he says.

The visor is from a motorcycle helmet and looks really good. The next part was the body armor. Some LEGO purists won't like the next part. Some of the bricks had to be glued together to keep them from falling apart. I think we can forgive Ben for having to use glue. The suit is awesome, and I can see you being able to wear the thing without breaking it without some glue. You can read all about how Ben created the suit and some of the issues he worked through on The Brothers Brick.

[via Kotaku]