LEGO wall is on display, and it’s awesome

Shane McGlaun - May 4, 2011
LEGO wall is on display, and it’s awesome

I love LEGO and I have, since I was a kid. I was a LEGO genius as a child. I didn’t need no stink’ instructions. I could build anything on the box just from looking at the images. I also got in trouble more than a few times for getting bored with LEGO and leaving the parts lying around. As an adult massive things made of the building blocks intrigue me and when those massive things made of LEGO end up in a museum setting on display, I have to write about it.

This giant white wall you see here isn’t the Great Wall of China or some military memorial, it’s a sculpture made completely out of white LEGO bricks the wall is circular and starts at a low level and then rises up to the full height like a ramp. The wall took 270,000 white LEGO bricks to make. The design of the thing is cool too. It has a checkerboard pattern with some bricks sticking out and some flat.

Apparently, it took six weeks for the artists to build. The work is titled “metaphorical Horizons”, and it is on display in the central hall at the World Trade Center in Amsterdam. The designer of the wall is Lene Rønsholt Wille. I wonder how many bricks he actually had to get to make this thing work. There were always some in my collection that just wouldn’t snap together. I also wonder how many times he had to reconfigure and work around issues on the fly.

[via Wired]

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