Lego Tow Truck

Chris Davies - Oct 5, 2006

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas these days: love because I adore seeing all the incredible toys unveiled each year, hate because I resent the fact that I didn’t have them when I was younger! One of my favourites has always been Lego Technics, and they haven’t disappointed me in 2006…

This behemoth is the Lego Technic Tow Truck, new to the range and complete with a pneumatic telescopic boom arm, winch, full working steering and an engine that actually has moving pistons and a spinning radiator fan. Add in the TECHNIC Motorbox and you can use the gears, motor and axles to power the truck.

Lego truckThe Tow Truck can be rebuilt into a Heavy Load Truck, too, so once you’ve suffered the indignity of watching your kids build it far faster than you ever could, you can watch them build something new in, again, a quicker time than it takes for you to figure out which way the kettle cord plugs in.

At £89.99 ($170) it’s available now.


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